26 octobre 2011

À la ferme

35 - Hi-Han

O (35/52)

Ça date quand même de la semaine qui se terminait le 16 octobre. Je vous retranscris ici ce qu'en a dit Julie sur Flickr. Je ne saurais mieux dire:

I grew up on a farm, so I'm always shocked by the fact that a lot of people know nothing about the time, the efforts and the dedication it takes to grow the food that we so easily get in the grocery stores. Farmers work countless hours, and often find themselves in precarious financial positions because of uncontrollable things like weather, but also because of the rising price of fertile lands due to suburban expansion, or the fact that we often don't pay enough for the food we eat. So I seize the opportunity that this week's theme is giving me to acknowledge the importance of the work that farmers do - trust me, they don't hear it often enough.

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